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Upper Primary Wings III, IV and V

Events Class Link Photo Gallery
Spread Happiness III View
Never Give Up V-C View
Learn to Forgive IV-B View
Truthfulness leads to Righteousness IV-A View
Taking Care of Living Beings V View
3R's Reduce Reuse Recycle V-E View
On Time all the Time (Class IV-C) Assembly IV-C View
Events Class Link Photo Gallery
Unity is Strength III View
Ahinsa Paromodharam V-B View
Unite for Children III-A View
Assembly (Protect Ozone Layer) V-A View
Events Class Link Photo Gallery
True Friendship III-B View
Be Energy Wise III-D View
National Integration III-C View
Effective Communication III-B View
International Day of Peace III-A View
World Wildlife V-D View
Reach & Teach V-C View
Empathy V-B View
Road Safety IV-A View
Friends are Forever IV-D View
Discipline IV-B View
Problem Solving V-A View
Stop the Drop IV-E View
Earth Day IV-C View