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They are the learning grounds for students to participate in theme based activities, interact with peers and help foster skills in their areas of interest. To tap the talent in each child, an array of Clubs are offered to the students.


Vedic Math is a unique way of learning mathematics. It helps to carry out tedious and cumbersome mathematical operations in a simple way. The basic objective Math Club is to make mathematics easy and interesting.


A home to all the theatre lovers and Nukkad Enthusiasts – is introduced as an opportunity for the students to explore the areas including acting, eye gestures, presentations, body language, theaterama and many more. From writing plays, to direction and to performance, children get to learn the skills required for each of these jobs. This activity aims to bring out the best of everyone.


Abacus is a technique which not only enhances the overall comprehension of math but also boosts better & faster calculations. The club aims to improve problem solving abilities, concentration, memory and retention of the children through quick and easy methods.


    Eco Club is is a platform to enable the students to be sensitive towards environment and how to tackle its problems. Objectives are:

  • To create a clean and green consciousness among students.
  • To mobilize students towards scientific enquiry into environmental problem.
  • To motivate students how to imbibe habits & lifestyle for minimum waste generation.

In this club, videos, fun loving activities, lectures are given to enhance the knowledge about sustainable and eco Friendly environment.


Personality Development is an enhancement of some definite skills which are crucial to make the growth of happiness and success possible in one’s life. Understanding the importance of personality Development for the students, the club aims at developing effective communication, social manners, confidence, change in attitude and so on.


This club deals with the science of Home. The main aim of this club is to impart basic things of daily affairs to the students such as stitching, non flame cooking, preparing mocktails, making candles etc.


Aerobics is a fun way of doing workout on cool songs & lively music. The main aim of the club is to inculcate health consciousness, sense of rhythm and fitness among students.


Crafts describes a wide variety of activities in which things made with one’s own hand. Both children according to their aesthetic sense. The aim of this club is to improve their skills towards craft by assembling of different things and objects and how to make that craft useful.


ASN International School in collaboration with Space Technology and Education Private Limited organised hands on activity workshop for classes I to V. It was wonderful opportunity for students to learn exciting and new concepts about Astronomy and Space Sciences. They also brief about the various sessions which would be conducted throughout the year for the students would be the part of the workshop.