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From Academic Coordinator Desk

“To be in your child memories tomorrow,
You have to be in their lives today.”

Involvement at the pre-school level has a number of life-long benefits, such as, establishing the importance of education and developing a network of helpful connections. Parental involvement at this critical point provides the child with a springboard that makes the move to primary school a more tranquil transition.

At ASN, we provide an atmosphere to our learners for multifaceted development, where children are encouraged to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence. Students are like sponges who look for the right input to soak in, keeping this in mind, the talents, skills, abilities and interest of the students are identified and nurtured in such a way that he/she blooms at every step and reaches the paramount. The school strives hard to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values combining with academics and extra curricular activities in children. Taking academic excellence as the major thurst, we endorse the belief of child-centric learnings by doing activity based learnings.

Parents involvement also helps extend teaching outside the classroom, creates a more positive experience for children and helps children perform better when they are in school.

It is essential for parents to support the learning that happens in pre-school, kindergarten and at home as well. Parents who are in tune with what is happening in their child’s classroom are better able to establish a connection between what is learnt at school and what takes place at home. This connection is a key component of a child’s development and supports further learning.