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Adharshila Inter School Judo Championship

1st Position Luv (IV A), Prisha (IV B), Dishani (IV B)
2nd Position Radhika (IV A)
3rd Position Lakshya (II A), Devanshi (III A), Nibhish (IV A), Siddhant (IV A)


Aadharshila Inter School Judo Championship

1st Position Radhika (class II), Divyanshi (Class II), Deeptanshu (Class IV), Aaryan (class III), Luv (Class II)
2nd Position Ananya (Class I), Manav (Class IV)
3rd Position Pragyan (Class I), Prisha (Class II)


Inter School Judo Championship

1st Position Sidhant Rawat, Prisha Singh, Devanshi Singh, Aryan Kumar Singh, Luv Rawat
2nd Position Radhika
3rd Position Ananya Singh, Krishna


National Bal Bhawan Judo Championship


Open Delhi State Judo Championship

1st Position Radhika (Class II, Prisha Singh (Class II), Luv Rawat (Class II), Aryan Kumar singh (Class III), Deeptanshu (Class IV)
3rd Position Prakhya (Class KG), Divyanshi (Class I), Pragyan (Class I), Sidhant Rawat (Class II), Ananya (Class I),Nischay (Class IV), Ayaan (Class II)


St. Francis Inter School Skating Championship

1st Position Prisha Singh (Class II)
2nd Position Aditya (Class II), Harjas (Class III)
3rd Position Bhavleen (Class III), Raghav (Class III), Ayaan (Class II), Suryansh (Class II), Vansh (Class III), Garvit (Class II)Upansh (Class III), Aditya (Class I)


Sports Cultural exchange Programme

The Embassy of Japan and Sports Authority of India co-organized a cultural exchange programme from Wednesday 5' 2018 to Friday 7' 2018 at K.D Jadhav Indoor, I.G Stadium Complex. The students of ASN were trained by the premier excellent Judo Coaches of Japan (Olympians). It was indeed a learning experience for the students as well their coach Ms. sheetal.