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Q1. What does ASN stands for?

Ans- ASN stands for Adarsh Shiksha Niketan. It is run by Sanatan Dharam Adarsh Shiksha Sansthan. It is 36 years old institution. It is a full fledged Senior Secondary School, affiliated to CBSE and follows NCERT syllabus.

Q2. Where is the school located?

Ans- The school is located in the prime location of East Delhi in Mayur Vihar Phase-I on Sahakarita Marg, near Mayur Vihar Phase-I Extension Metro Station.

Q3. What is the motto of your school?

Ans- The motto of the school is ‘Faith and Follow, Act and Achieve, Serve and Smile.’

Q4. What is the timings for the school?

Ans – The timings are as follows:

1- ASN Sr. Sec. School 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

2- ASN International 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

3- The School gates will be closed 5 minutes before the bell.

Q5. Does the school have buses?

Ans- School provides a well knit transport system connecting all important points with a fleet of well maintained buses. Parents should consult the School Transport In-charge for necessary details.

Q6. What is the admission procedure of the school?

Ans- ASN aspires to create socially responsible and effective citizens of our country who could join hands in making India a ‘Vishwa Guru’ again. We invite you to browse our website for Nursery admission related information. Admission to the classes KG-XI is against the vacancies that arise on withdrawals. Closure of admission to all classes is by 31st July. If you have any queries please feel free to contact School reception on all working days between 9:30 am to 12:00 noon..

Q7. What are the streams available at XI class?

Ans- Science Stream Non medical subjects offered are- English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education/ C++/Economics. Medical Stream subjects offered are- English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics/Home Science/ Physical Education.

Commerce Stream with Mathematics– English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics

Commerce without Maths-English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Physical Education/Informatics Practices/Home Science.

Humanities- English, History/Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Physical Education/Home Science/Informatics Practice.

Q8. What curriculum does the school follows?

Ans- A good curriculum is a systematic and complete package of competencies like knowledge, skills and attitudes and when rightfully executed contributes to the development of necessary attributes and skills in students for application in the context of their studies, daily life and careers.

The school follows the guidelines of National Curriculum Framework for curriculum planning and CCE pattern of evaluation given by C.B.S.E.


  • Emphasis is laid on learning with fun.
  • Students are engaged in drawing, colouring and puzzles
  • Poems and stories are dramatized using expressive actions.
  • Focus is laid on developing communication skills.
  • Nature walks, visits to Holy Places and regular educational trips are organized to give them a real life experience.


  • Curriculum is devised according to the CCE pattern.
  • Curriculum is a fine amalgamation of learning with fun and focuses on activity oriented approach.
  • Child centered education is imparted to encourage creativity.
  • Stress is laid on building language skills through language enrichment activities.
  • Inculcating reading habits through class libraries.
  • Honing public speaking skills via class assemblies, role plays, elocution and debates etc.
  • Hands on activities and experiments to develop scientific temperament.
  • Sharpening, analytical reasoning through mind games.
  • An extensive use of ICT to supplement classroom teaching.
  • Field trips and excursions are held to make learning enjoyable.


  • Curriculum is devised according to the CCE pattern.
  • Emphasis is laid on acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge.
  • Enrichment of language skills both oral and written through free and fearless expression of ideas.
  • Polishing communicative skills through on the spot group discussions, extempores and debates.
  • Emphasis on team work through projects and search & research work in Science Lab.
  • Organizing field trips and workshops of relevance from time to time.


  • The School strictly follows the CBSE curriculum with necessary gradations.
  • Science, Commerce and Humanities are the academic streams offered at +2 level.
  • Various combinations of subjects of choice are offered.
  • Stress is laid on preparing students for the prescribed CBSE Syllabus through result oriented training.
  • Emphasis is to nurture the talents, help them to develop scientific attitude, learn to work in accordance with aptitude and interest and to manage time and schedule for a career choice.
  • Complete access to library, computer and other labs for study and research requirements.
  • Emphasis on extensive use of ICT and action research projects.
  • Organizing field trips to Industrial units, places of Scientific and Historical interests.

Q9. How well has the school adapted the CCE system?

Ans- The school follows CCE system of school based evaluation from Classes I- X in the way of devising the curriculum and activities in accordance.

Q10. What steps does the school take to ensure the safety of the children?

Ans- The whole school premises is 24 x 7 under CCTV surveillance. Every classroom and other important areas of the school has an emergency evacuation plan. There is round the clock guarding of the campus. Identity cards are issued to the students which must be carried at all times. Teachers accompany students on buses in the morning and the afternoon.

Q11. What steps does the school take to ensure proper hygiene?

Ans- The school has trained house keeping personnel. Frequent inspection ensures a clean environment. The campus has R.O system with water coolers to provide safe and clean drinking water. The school was awarded Green colour which is the top most rating by CBSE under school sanitation rating.

Q12. What kind of sports facilities does your school provide?

Ans- Our school is a keen promoter of sports and insists on the participation of every student in some sport or the other for which the School has provided the children with sports complex, neatly laid play grounds meeting the international standards to work out and excel in the games and sports of their choice. Along with P.E.Ts, special coaches are engaged for the purpose. The sports activities in practice are- Volley ball, Tennis, Basket ball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Skating, Judo and Taekwando.

Q13. How do you impart life skills education in your school?

Ans-Promotion of life skills education is the utmost commitment as an integral part of the holistic education which focuses on whole and sole overall development of the students. It is implemented through-

  • Systematic and well planned curriculum.
  • Conduction of Theme based assemblies.
  • Life Skills movies screening in partnership with School Cinema.
  • Involving them in Community Services.
  • Arranging for the field trips and visits to orphanage, aged home.

Q14. What are the co-curricular activities offered at ASN?

Ans- Co-curricular activities are a part of the school calendar which aim at overall personality development of a child. They encompass performing arts, fine arts, literacy and creative writing pursuits, sports, environment, science, heritage etc. The school provides a platform for international exposure through cultural, sports and literary activities to the student. The school is the recipient of International School Awards (ISA) by British Council.

Q15. How can parents be involved in the school?

Ans- There is an active Parent-Teacher Association which meets periodically to discuss the infrastructural and academic issues of the School. Parents are encouraged to volunteer for and work with school in holding workshops, judgement of events and escorting students for trips etc. Parents are kept involved and informed about their ward’s development through PTMs, circulars, text messages, website, e-mail and School diary.

Q16. What are academic achievements of the ASNites after passing out of school?

Ans- The school churns out well rounded, talented, confident & academically knowledgeable individuals who have sort and gained admission in reputed institutions in India and abroad like- BITs, IITs, DTUs, AIIMS, National Law University, Cardiff, UK, MGILL, Canada.

Q17. What support does the school provide for placements?

Ans- The School conducts career counseling sessions to advice senior students on the options available to them. The School has tied up with Univariety, a career counseling organization which conducts periodic aptitude tests and counseling sessions both online and offline.