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From Headmistress's Desk

The greatest gift a parent can give the child is good education. Our children represent our hopes and dreams. Our attempt is to make the most formative and beautiful years of a child's life - a joy forever.Education as a realm becomes complete only when it ensures the overall development, keeping the individual differences and the expertise in mind. In this way ASN International School aims at the overall significant development of the students.

Parents, want the best for their child and we at ASN are proud to be working with them to ensure that the students are given the right knowledge to face future challenges. With our parents' support and active partnership, we envision our students, growing up, as leaders and trustworthy citizens of our nation. Our students will be role models for the society and we expect them to visualize their goals. The purpose of this institution is to provide high quality all-round education to the children equipping them with life skills and knowledge. Under the guidance of our able team of teachers and a motivated support staff who ensure their well-being, the children spend long hours in the much required safe and secure environment.

At ASN International School, we believe in building a strong foundation for students, right from the nursery level, by inculcating global values and preparing them to face emerging challenges and by fostering creative thinking and innovations that will help improve the quality of their life. We wish to inculcate in our students a concern for others and I am certain, this temple of learning, will help the students to grow mentally alert and physically sound and prepare them to lead their country with dedication and become responsible nation builders.

Good Wishes!
Shivani Khanna