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Core Values

Our Values support the vision, shape the culture of the School and are well reflected in our teaching practices. They define the standards of ethical conduct we foster in our students. Each ASNite internalizes the following values.

Environmental consciousness: Learner to be aware and connected to the environment, develop pro-environmental attributes and skills, so as to inculcate sustainable practices in day to day life for a clean and green world.

Social Responsibility: Learner to develop sensitivity, empathy and acceptance for social diversity, encouraging him to apply his knowledge, passion and skills in the pursuit of humanitarian goals.

Cultural Consciousness: Learner to develop awareness of culture in Self and expand understanding, appreciation and respect for cultural diversity of others’.

Global Citizenship: Learner to gain global perspective on contemporary events and issues, developing an understanding of interdependence in international relationships and to work with others to make this world equal fair, and secure for all.