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Managing Director's Message

The progress in our lives is measured and experienced through the actions and the reaction, ebb and flow, trial or error, a sum of our experiences and learnings from them. Every individual who partakes in this journey of self-realization is indeed assured of a successful tomorrow.

Education has the power to transform, to illuminate, inspire and facilitate this journey of self -realization. Students who are the transformative force of tomorrow need to learn to reflect and assess their strengths and weakness and work towards attaining a sound balance between mind and heart. It is the responsibility of an educational institute to ensure a congenial atmosphere for the students to bloom into well-balanced, well-equipped individuals capable of living a meaningful life.

ASN takes pride in giving an innovative ecosystem to the students where their creative spirits, intellectual quest and ethical moorings are met, nurtured, and given wings to.

The activity calendar of ASN is devised aiming at all round development of the children providing the best of infrastructure both in the classrooms as well as outside the classrooms. In our effort to modernize the learning process, the school has taken all the care to preserve the cherished Indian culture.

The billion strong habitants of world largest democracy are poised to dominate the world stage and our students are ready to meet the challenges enthusiastically, adapt to the changes with resilience, compassion, and necessary skillset. The change is the sign of life, so our endeavor is to empower the learners to develop their self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence in these changing times,through our motto and strong clear vision.

Mr Rajiv Nayan

Dynamic, dedicated, a man of action, an epitome of ‘YUVA SHAKTI’, who strives hard to channelize this power in giving an environment to the students for realizing their innate potential – individually and collectively, to become the torch bearers and to lead the way along the path of success, “VISHWA GURU HO RASHTRA PUNAH”.

Awards & Accolades

  • Appreciation by Govt. of NCT of Delhi for Corona Yoddha